We have the background and knowledge to conduct quality interviews and statements with insureds and witnesses, as well as neighborhood canvasses.  We have a working respect with fire and law enforcement agencies,  the background and equipment to properly document fire and theft scenes, to provide timely reports, and to provide qualified expert testimony on the facts documented from the scene.

Investigative services currently offered include:

  • Qualified Expert Origin & Cause Investigations
  • Subrogation Investigations
  • Liability Investigations
  • Investigative Follow-Up:
    • Insured Interview/Statements
    • Witness Interview/Statements
    • Neighborhood Canvass
    • Fire and Police Contacts
    • Detailed Photography
    • Detailed Scene Diagrams
    • Qualified Expert Testimony
    • Expert Consultation
  • Background Investigations related to fire (local and national):
    • Criminal and Civil Background
    • Small claims
    • Liens
    • Financial

Kuticka Fire Investigation adheres to an UN-biased approach

Fire Scenes need to be documented completely with an open mind and UN-biased approach. It is essential that determinations be made from facts rather than speculation.